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IMAGINATIVE TRUTHS is a start-up enterprise engaged in the development and production of animated films for retail and theatrical releases. The company's goals are to develop and create quality films promoting positive messages. These films will be based on Judeo-Christian Faith and Family Friendly themes. There is a fast growing market and demand for Family films with moral values designed for both enjoyment and education. IMAGINATIVE TRUTHS can offer these films in an effective marketable style to the public.

We plan to produce three films over the next five years, with budgets ranging from $250,000 to $500,000. "Kia's Journey" has received letters of recommendations and interest of support from Educators, Medical Professionals, Religious and Political Leaders. Although IMAGINATIVE TRUTHS is in it's initial phase, "Kia's Journey" has a "Letter of Intent" from the Total Living Network (TLN) to be aired on 80 to 100 stations nationwide. IMAGINATIVE TRUTHS has one basic theme "Enlightening The World".

IMAGINATIVE TRUTHS will create and develop Judeo-Christian Faith Animated films, CDs, Live Performances, Books, and License products for children and teens. Beginning with "Kia's Journey", the company will be the first LasVegas-based company to produce and create an animated film for national television distribution.

Faith-based religious and spiritual theme films have started to make an impact on the general film audiences. The successes of several films such as Veggie Tales have alerted production companies and distributors that there is a market for inspirational films. The Faith Based segment of the movie-going public has been estimated at over 70 million people of all ages. What was once just a video business supplied mostly by Faith Based booksellers has now become a part of the ultimate film experience. All films will be produced in Spanish as well.

1. KIA'S JOURNEY (post-production)
2. HOLY WARRIORS (pre-development)
3. ANGEL (pre-development)
4. SOLOMON'S SONG (pre-development)