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"Beloved Parris:
May God Bless you and shower you with all the blessings that you so deserve "If You can See It, You can Be It". Go For It, Love and Bigtime Props!"
Quincy Jones, Producer, Writer, Arranger.

Q, what many know him as has won many awards. Just a few are listed below. Grammy Awards and Nominations, American Music, MTV Video, Academy Awards and Nominations, Golden Globe Nominations, Emmy Awards and Nominations, Image Awards, Ebony Music Awards, Record Industry Awards, Film and Television, Awards Honorary Doctorate/academic awards plus many more.

"When Parris Lane sings, you know that the emotion comes straight from her heart. Warm and happy in person on stage, Parris grows ten feet tall and fills the auditorium with her presence. Parris can sing on any stage anywhere in the world. She shows you pensive and pouty, sad and sexy, joyful and jaded, and you believe them all."
Carolyn Sullivan - Bay Area Newspaper

"I'm truly looking forward to listening to your music once again, as I so thoroughly enjoyed your performance at Governor's Glendening's Inauguration"
Kweisi Mfume - President and CEO - NAACP

"Brilliant was the performance of Mary Magdalene by Parris Lane. She belted out the show's hit song "I Don't Know How to Love Him" in an exquisite voice filled with compassion and caring. Her Sparkle carried throughout the entire show"
Pat Hook- The Evening Capital Newspaper

‘Parris Lane is one of Annapolis' best kept secrets. Sing she can, with a talent she calls a gift from God. With a four octave range, this vocalist can take a song and make it hers. If talent counts for anything, she's sure to come out on top."
Elayne Hopkins- Capital Entertainment

"When you look back on her, Parris Lane is going to be a star."
Paul Pearson - Owner of King of France Tavern, Maryland Inn

"We would like to express our sincere appreciation and gratitude for you phenomenal performance. We were mesmerized by your angelic voice. You talent and loving spirit is truly an incomparable gift from God.. Thanks again for making our wedding reception an unforgettable evening for everyone."
Thomas and Valencia Reaves - Gillis and Reaves Consultants

"Your voice and song were so beautiful and moving. There were not many dry eyes during your fantastic rendition of "Cum Ba Ya". It was with you help that the event was such a success."
Nicole White, Community Educator - Family and Children's Services of Central Maryland

"I look forward to listening to your beautiful voice and enjoying your renditions of some of my favorite songs. Having heard you sing in the past, there is no doubt you have a special gift"
Parris N. Glendening, Governor State of Maryland

I extend my deep appreciation and sincere thanks for you contribution and support in honoring the six "Women of Excellence". Quiet honestly, you blew the audience off their chairs, to say the least.
Tony Spencer, Chair, Fannie Lou Hamer Committee

"I've been involved in the music scene in Annapolis virtually all my life and can report we have a community of excellent musicians comparable to major market talent. Parris' concert was an affirmation of that fact. I can honestly say I have never heard a more musically accomplished concert performed by anyone in this town. Ms Lane is a genuine talent and deserves to be under contract with a major record label." Charlie Hiltabidle, Kent Island

"It was a beautiful ceremony and your heartfelt songs and beautiful voice contributed significantly to the overall success of the event. You were Great!" Many thanks and best wishes.
T.C. Lynch, Rear Admiral, U.S. Navy - Superintendent, United States Naval Academy

"I personally thank you and congratulate you on a job well done at the Cabinet meeting. Your presentation was certainly the most professional I have seen presented. Lady, what a voice you have. Your singing had everyone in tears." Winfield M. Kelly, Jr.- Secretary of State

"Thank You" seems inadequate for the superb performance of Mary Magdalene in "Jesus Christ Superstar". You held a captive audience each night. They will talk about Parris for a long time" Joneice E. Anderson, Musical Director

"Your voice and performance was indeed the highlight of the event." Stephanie Knox - Memorial Service Coordinator- MD Network Against Violence

"Thank you for participating in the 2002 Black Engineer of the Year Awards and for sharing your phenomenal vocal talents with us. It goes without saying how pleased we are with the evenings's success and realize that it would not have been possible without your participation "PERFECTION." Ed Yoe, Stefan, Cameron Colyer, Marlon Mays, Artist Services Inc, Washington DC

"Many have commented particularly on your performance agreeing that you have such a beautiful voice and the you obviously sing from the heart. We felt it was the highlight of the evening." Vickie Diamond, Clinical Administrator, Anne Arundel Medical Center

"Heart and soul dominated the lively renditions beginning with "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" sung by Parris lane, who has a four octave voice and mesmerizing stage presence. With her commanding tone and clear diction, it was easy to see why she has been dubbed "Annapolis Best Kept Secret". Pat Hook - The Arts- Capital